School Statistics
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As parents we often have lots of questions about our schools. We know we pay taxes and would like to understand how much is budgeted to our schools and how that funding is spent, including how much of that is on special education. We'd also like to understand how we compare to other schools, and statewide averages. 

The good news is that much of this is public information, though it may not always be easy to find. This page provides some helpful links to locate public information made available by the Town of Reading, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Information Provided by the School

School Budget 

The school helpfully publishes its prospective budget on the school website under Departments > Finance and Operations. 

Meeting Minutes, Reports & Related Documents

The Town of Reading makes public all meeting minutes and related documents.

School Statistics Provided by the State

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Provides a variety of statistics for comparing school districts

District Report Card - Comparative report card for the Reading School District

Reading Highschool Report Card - Comparative report card for the Reading High School

District Profile Summary Comparisons - Provides links to various metrics such as finance, teacher salaries, MCAS, graduation rates etc. across school districts in the state. Spreadsheet versions of much of the same data can be found in Spending Comparisons

School Attending Children Report - This report includes the enrollment of all full-time students whose parents or legal guardians are residents of the city or town

District & School Profiles - District and individual school profiles for Reading include a variety of information such as student achievement, finance, etc. The individual profiles comprise the data in the summary profile comparisons but include additional details not found at the summary level

Tiered Focused Monitoring Reports

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  reviews schools compliance with the state and federal laws and regulations for special education and civil rights. The reviews are every 3 years and alternate focus on different standards, termed groups

The Reading School System's Group A report was in 2020 and Group B report was just completed in 2023. Student services is justifiably proud that no issues were found in the 2023 report. 

Both can be found below:

Group A Report from 2020

Group B Report from 2023

Parent information on Tiered Focused Monitoring 

Reading Student Services Presentation on Tiered Focused Monitoring Process