Special Education and Student Services 

Reading Student Services provides a number of helpful links for parents, which can be found in the Reading school website under Special Education and Student Services

We've broken out some of the more helpful links below:

Special Education and Student Services Main Page - The main page for Special Education and Student Services provides announcements, student service office hours, and the emails for the Special Education staff for the district

Program Guides - Provides detailed overviews of the special education programs in Reading

Program Reviews - Provides details on the program reviews completed by the Reading School system with an an outside consultation service 

Reading Resources - Extensive resources for families related to reading skills including many resources related to dyslexia 

This is only a partial list of the resources contained under Special Education & Student Services. Other resources include information on Tiered Focused Monitoring, extended school year, military families, homelessness, discrimination and the civil rights grievance procedures and contacts, and Section 504 coordinators

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Special Education New School Year video 2023-2024.mp4